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August 2001: Greenbelt - Breaking the ice

this was based on the march 01 service 'desert'.

photos here

1. vox pops [grace pops] around GB site during day [possibly ice pops given to interviewees as reward and advertisement for service?]

2. give out 'what does being in a desert feel like?' postcards to the queue for service [collect inside]

3. hexstatic 'deadly media' video intro

4. play back vox pops

5. positive and negative deserts - mccarthy/keenan reading

6. group discussion

7. darkness, responses on the feelings cards read out as a meditation [luminous stars ceiling]

8. stations time:

a] central station - sand on tarpaulin, ice block suspended above - write prayers in sand [incl. justin's explanatory postcards]. the melting block of ice was originally part of a ritual for a combined jubilee 2000 service at vaux. we had no photos of it, so looked for an excuse to do it again!

b] solitude - people listen on headphones to cd players [a disc labelled 'traffic island discs' cf radio programme 'desert island discs'] in front of a big screen with back projection of driving a car - in a traffic jam on the north circular in london on the way to ikea!

c] write your own psalm

d] addictions, as revealed by experience of withdrawal - mike's text, steve's luxuries/necessities cards

9. final ritual - take sand for your pocket [from the central station]/take an ice cube

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