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October 2000: I am the bread

Grace 2000-01 flyer front

Intro: What type of bread is Jesus? A witty and original spoof.

Reading: The feeding of the 5000.

Song: Bread of Heaven Feed Me

Introduction to the theme and the 'stations'
1) 'Eat God' personal reflection around the reading from John
2) 'Dough'
3) 'Our Daily Bread' a rewriting of the Lords Prayer
4) 'Bread of justice' thoughts about global injustice, lighting candles etc

Back together for final thoughts. Listen to song 'I will receive you now'. Verse(s) from Proverbs.

1) Bread – lots of it
2) Bread video
3) Bread slides
4) Dough
5) 'Blind Date' theme tune (Mike has video)

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