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August 2001: Greenbelt - Breaking the bread

this was based on October 2000: I am the bread. photos here.

'what type of bread are you?' cards handed out to queue [steve c]

intro and share results of cards, 'blind date' music/video [mike]

bible readings re bread [jackie to find, others to read out.]


dough [jen and anna] - Kneading dough to think about patience and suffering.

'give us this day our daily bread' - luxury/necessity cards - several sets plus ancillary writing [steve c]

bread of justice [mike]

eat god - The central station is all kinds of bread. There are quotations from the Bible on little flags stuck into the bread, for people to think about as they eat.

Proverbs 30 8-9 reading, lord's prayer, end blessing [justin]

songs [jonny]

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