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June 1999: Breaking the chains - Jubilee 2000 service at Vaux

Grace 1999 May-July flyer frontGrace 1999 May-July flyer back

Jubilee 2000 asked Vaux to do a service to link into the huge campaign day they had organised to cancel Third World debt. Vaux hooked up with Epicentre, Grace and The Big Picture to bring 'A message for masters of countries with cold climates.'

Vaux reflected on light and dark, Big Picture looked at lightness and weight and Epicentre wrapped with a communion.

Grace suspended a huge block of ice in chains, illuminated. People were invited to light candles beneath the block to melt it, symbolising melting the cold hearts of the 'masters of countries with cold climates'. The block was tilted so that the water ran off into a bowl and didn't extinguish the candles. It took a lot of candles to make an impression on the ice - symbolic really.

Steve had forgotten his camera, which was a pity generally but especially for the block of ice which turned out to be beautiful. So we found an excuse to restage it at Greenbelt in 2001 just to take photos!

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