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December 2000: I am the door

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Small groups discussion

look up bible passages with doors in and discuss (jonny to do handout sheet)

songs x 2


1. door + gate (mike)

2. thin places - use the section on the embody web site and link jonny's laptop up to it so people can post their thin places on line (jonny bring computer [ibook G3 clamshell!] + steve bring phone extension to plug in to vestry socket [ie using internal modem of ibook!])

3. CS Lewis 'The Last Battle' reading with door from stable into Aslan's kingdom - anyone who has a copy bring the book (mike to prepare)

4. confession on how doors sometime imprison us (e.g. self hatred) - (mark and anna poulson)

5. matrix - video loop running in side chapel of clip where morpheus offers neo red and blue pill (mark to do video and anna to get pills)

6. keys - jonny to bring keys and meditation/reflection

concluding liturgy

back together for concluding liturgy (reworked LLS doors thing) + prayer (steve)


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