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June 2001: 1+1+1=1


white light can be made by combining red, green and blue light, so we will set up four spaces; the central one white [the combined godhead], and three others red [jesus], green [father] and blue [spirit].

central space: white light/rubilev 'trinity' icon on computer screen for contemplation/white beads [see below].

three rooms:

spirit room: jonny's pentecost tape [jonny]/large electric fan [mark?]/fire or spirit video [mark]/blue lighting

jesus room: the driftwood cross hung using red washing line/'jesus' blood never failed me yet' soundtrack [mike]/tv+laptop with jesus face images [jonny]/red lighting

father room: bring photos of yourself as a child, or your children. no parents please [everybody]/green lighting/the rest we'd like justin to do around the theme of god as parent and creator [justin]

also in each room:

single colour print of the rubilev icon: one of the red component of the image only in the red room, one of the green component only in the green room, the blue component in the blue room. [jonny to scan and do the image manipulation/printing]

pieces of paper saying 'how do you relate to the spirit/jesus/father?' and 'when you leave this room take a thread with you' [steve collins]

each room has a different coloured thread - people take these back to the central space and plait them together as a friendship bracelet symbolising the trinity. in the central space are white beads which symbolise ourselves included in the life of the trinity. [anna to buy threads and beads, cut into lengths before service]

order of service:

begin with song: holy holy holy
explain setup
congregation have half hour or so to look at everything
all come back gradually to the central space
explanation of rubilev icon [anna]
three coloured lights turned around if possible to demonstrate combination into white
congregation plait their threads with white beads and contemplate icon
while they do this various readings eg from David Adam [steve c]
song to end: st patrick's breastplate
trinitarian blessing [anna]

three kinds of donuts [mike] and coffee

photographs here

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