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Wolf Fields labyrinth - marking out

In May and July we joined people from St. John's Southall and A Rocha to clear the ground for the labyrinth. In October we laid a groundsheet over the cleared area. On 18th November we marked out the labyrinth pattern on the groundsheet.

The initial setting out lines were in chalk, then we drew the pattern with white paint to survive the weather until the final materials arrive. We used black paint to correct the white paint, painting out unwanted parts of the lines and mistakes.

wolf fields labyrinth setting out 02wolf fields labyrinth painting 06wolf fields labyrinth finished painting 08

For the final construction we propose to use circular timber stakes hammered in along the lines, the tops left about 50mm above surface to retain wood chip path filling. The filled-in white shapes will be cut out for planting.

There are more photos here on Flickr.

Planetary Mess photos and archive

Planetary Mess in the archive here.

Photos are being added here.

Planetary Mess / Saturday 13th November

Our November Grace falls the day after COP26 ends. We will share bread and wine using the planetary mass liturgy which still feels so poignant. There will be space for prayer, lament and reflection. We’d love to see you there. A simple cafe will follow.

Archive now updated for 2021

The services for 2021 to date (October) have been added to the archive - see the 2020-21 and 2021-22 sections here. The 2019-2020 services have also had much material added, eg Advent, Labyrinth, Space, so dig around.

Also the March 1999 lent eucharist - this was probably a Gracelet, but a significant one.

Embers / Saturday 9th October

A reflective service inspired by Jon Hopkins' track 'Sit around the fire'.

It feels like the past two years have left many things burned out and reduced to ashes, but among the ashes may be embers that can be nursed into flame again.

What for you feels like it has turned to ashes? Is there an ember at the core of you that you would like to fan into flame? What are the embers of Grace that we would like to fan into flame? What would you like to leave as ashes?

Join us at 8pm in real life at St Mary's Ealing.

Café afterwards, possibly with burnt offerings.

Gracelet / Autumn dates

Gracelet is a simple service on Zoom, with a regular liturgy of quiet reflection and community prayer. We found it valuable during lockdown so we are continuing it even though the main services are back in the church.

Gracelet is in the fourth week of every month, alternately Tuesday or Wednesday. A flyer is above, and the dropdown menu at the top of the page has the dates also. 8pm unless otherwise noted. The Zoom link will be sent out in the Whatsapp group or the email list, or email nearer the time.

Unlocked / Saturday 11th September

At the start of a ’new year’ for Grace, we return home to St Mary’s church after a long absence.

However, we are going to meet earlier than usual, 6.30pm outside Ealing police station, 67-69 Uxbridge Road W5 to spend time at a photo exhibition. We will walk then down to St Mary’s where we will gather from 7.30pm.

Labyrinth work party & barbecue / Saturday 10th July

Many of you joined us a couple of months back for a work party at Wolf Fields to help Idina from St Johns Southall and a team from A Rocha to start building a labyrinth. We are steadily making progress. We hope to get confirmation this week as to Deanery funding to support for the project, we have also been working on some designs to fit the available space that we hope to share soon.

The next steps are to continue clearing the existing space. We made great progress last time and many thanks to those who were able to help. Now that we have cleared a lot of the rubble we need to finish clearing the brambles and also to dig out more of the rough ground and fill the pot holes that a couple of us “accidently” discovered last time.

We are therefore planning another work party jointly with the group from 'The Table' and the 'Outdoor Church' this Saturday 10th July starting at about 2pm and then finishing with a BBQ and a simple service led by the 'Outdoor Church Group' from around 5.30pm. Contributions of food and drink would be appreciated.

If you would like to join us for either the BBQ or the work party please drop an email .

It will be solved by walking / Saturday 12th June

A Pilgrimage that will start at 2.30pm at St. Mary’s Church, South Ealing on Saturday 12th June 2021.

The pilgrimage walk will take approximately 3 hours with some liturgy and personal reflection in each of the parks and at Isleworth church.

Please spend some time before the pilgrimage to think about "what does it mean for me to be a pilgrim, and why am I partaking in this pilgrimage?"

The route starts from St. Mary’s church going through Ealing’s delightful smaller parks. Walking to Lammas followed by Blondin Park, and Boston Manor Park. We will then follow the Grand Union Canal to Brentford Lock, joining the Thames Path and going past the magnificent Syon Park House. We then go through the old town of Isleworth, past the church and onto Richmond and the park.

The terrain is flat and will be mostly on park paths or beside the canal, with some pavement walking. There are some drop-out points throughout the walk for those who wish to have a shorter pilgrimage walk.

You will need to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the walk, plus a drink and nibbles. There are toilet facilities in most of the parks.

At the end of the pilgrimage journey at Richmond Park we will be taking the number 65 bus back to Ealing.

It will be helpful if you can let us know that you're joining the pilgrimage, via, so we can gauge numbers.

If you would like to join a group for a pub meal in Ealing after the walk, please contact Tony Pearson via email in advance to arrange a booking.

Please feel free to contact Tony via email with any queries before the event.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Building a labyrinth / Saturday 8th May

Grace is starting its emergence from the virtual to the physical as the rules around lockdown are eased.

During lockdown Grace was invited to work with St John’s Church Southall and Arocha to help build a Labyrinth as part of the Wolf Fields project in Norwood Green.

So while we are not yet able to meet indoors we propose to have work parties to start the preparatory work for the labyrinth by clearing the ground.

Afterwards we then propose to meet in picnic groups on Ealing Common, near the Grange Pub that is serving drinks.

We are planning work parties to meet from 12.30pm and 3pm at Wolf Fields and from 5.30pm at Ealing Common.

Bring your picnic blankets, food and drink.

As we expect the “Rule of Six” will still apply, can you please contact for more details and to coordinate groups.

Low / Saturday 10th April

The Sunday after Easter is known as Low Sunday. Maybe it’s the lull after Easter? This is the season of the stories of resurrection, but Low Sunday is often associated with Thomas and his doubt. He is a reassuring disciple. We don’t meet on Sunday but we thought we’d go with the fLOW anyway.

So do come along to Grace this Saturday to reflect on stories of doubt and absence, and stories of hope and presence. We will be on Zoom - do get in touch if you would like the link.

Space / Saturday 13th March

Space is a quiet prayerful Grace that gives plenty of space for reflection, prayer and silence.

It grew out of a concept called Grace TV where all the service ran on screen. But our eyes are overburdened nowadays, so we will turn off our cameras - and our names - and listen instead, to one another and to God - Grace Radio!

Look out for the Zoom link if you are in the Whatsapp group or on the email list, or email and we will send you the link nearer the time.

The cafe will take place in the Grace space in Gather. Many of you will have the link already, but we will send it out again at the time. (NB Gather works best in the Chrome browser. It doesn’t work on a phone - you need to be on a computer.)

Re:lentless / Saturday 13th February

It feels like we have been in Lent for a year, and we haven't even got to Lent yet!

February is the depths of winter, but it is also a time when the first signs of spring begin to show - signs easily missed, hope that is still a long way from fulfilment. What have we learned from the journey? How have we been changed? Nothing will be the same, but how do we want to be different?

The service itself will be in Zoom. Look out for the link if you are in the Whatsapp group or on the email list, or email and we will send you the link nearer the time.

Things you will need for the service:

  • Images or words that represent things you want to leave behind in this desert time.
  • a candle
  • some salt

The cafe will take place in the Grace space in Gather that we used for last month's service - now we have it, we can hang out there! Many of you will have the link already from last month, but we will send it out again at the time. (NB Gather works best in the Chrome browser. It doesn’t work on a phone - you need to be on a computer.)

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