Grace - fresh vital worship since 1993

The archive

Welcome to the home for stuff we've created and want to share. Please feel free to recycle and reimagine our ideas for your own church events.

Services and events

This is the archive of all our services and events since 1993. It's as complete as we can make it, but some of the early material is probably lost. And recent material may not have been archived yet!


This contains material from our services that can be used as a stand-alone liturgy in other contexts.


This contains various things we've written about Grace and alternative worship, or which have been written about us. [Not available yet.]


This is where the front page newsfeed goes when it falls off the bottom of the front page. This isn't a long-term archive, but it allows us to keep the front page reasonably short.

Lent blogs

We ran a daily community blog during Lent for several years. Here are the collected entries. [Not available yet.]

See also:

Flickr gracelondon group

Live feed for photos of Grace services and events since 2006.

Photographs of Grace services on

For photos of services before Flickr (ie before c. 2006)

Grace zines 1998-2000

Before we began to archive our material on this website, we used to publish a little fanzine/magazine that included bits from our services, liturgy, graphics, ideas etc. Here they are as pdfs, and in colour.