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March 2001: Desert

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as people arrive film them responding to questions along the lines of 'what is a contemporary desert? have you ever had a desert experience - what was it?'..... (mark and julia)

after being filmed, people are given a postcard asking them what it feels like to be in the desert. these cards are collected to be used later (steve)

songs and prayer (jonny)

playback video responses (mark)

reading from brian keenan and john mccarthy's book on travelling in desert - positive and negative experience depending on you and your perception (julia)

get people into groups to discuss whether their own image of desert is closer to brian or john's (julia)

darkness, and desert feelings from postcards read out (steve)

desert stations -
1. contemporary desert - car seat and headphones (jen) - this derives from an article by mike riddell in which he suggests that the closest contemporary experience to that of the desert is sitting alone in ones car in a traffic jam listening to music.
2. recognising and letting go of addictions, and learning to depend on God in the desert (mike)
3. passages from scripture of desert (anna)
4. writing prayers in desert sand (justin)

confession (jonny)

concluding ritual - choice to take some desert or water depending on whether you've been inthe desert and want to get out or need to go there (jen)

'easter song' by a man called adam


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Filmed interviews as people arrive.

Mark and Julia interview Ian Mobsby.

Station 3 readings from Scripture.

Station 1 Contemporary Desert - car seats and soundtrack on headphones.

Technical setup for background images. Clamshell G3 iBook running slideshow, twin VCRs, into vision mixer, output to TVs.






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