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April 2000: Images of Christ

Grace 1999-2000 flyer

1. making assumptions:

everybody is given a sheet of paper with a list of adjectives that could be used to describe someone. a slide image of a person is put up and the congregation are asked to pick three adjectives from the list to describe them [with only their appearance to go on]. they write '1' by each adjective they've picked for image 1, then image 2 is put up and people write '2' next to the adjectives for that person, and so on, for about five images - then the last two are images of Christ!

this is to be done fairly quickly, it's about instant impressions of character from appearance.

we'll need to ask for feedback on what people have put. [JEN ADJECTIVES DAVE PICTURES]

2. group discussion

using the 'christ we share' images - hand them out and ask people to discuss which images of Christ they like and why. [JONNY]

3. talk

on how the image of christ has become disconnected from contemporary life, and what reconnection might involve [STEVE]

4. two stories of jesus from the bible

how do you picture jesus in each of these?

stories to contrast, eg 'suffer little children' versus the cleansing of the temple - do we imagine the same person in each scene? [MIKE]

5. walkabout section:

congregation given time to wander about, look at stations, reflect, pray, whatever.

6. stations:

  • outline of human figure on sheets of paper, notionally Christ - write on it about *your* image of Christ. [DAVE]
  • photo display of the 'ecce homo' statue in trafalgar square [STEVE]
  • an icon - pantocrator or man of sorrows [perhaps simon jenkins asked for one of his large images]
  • 'seeing salvation' catalogue + steve's 'contemporary jesus' collage

7. sing

'image of the invisible god'

8. carol henderson spoken word samples

over some images [JONNY]

9. poem

to end with - martin wroe poem from 'time of our lives' 'jesus' postcard. [JULIA]


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