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March 2000: Lent

Grace 1999-2000 flyer

report on st. paul's cathedral labyrinth - steve

intro - jonny

section 1 - repentance/clearing the decks

Confession from imaging the word vol 1 pg 181 with kyrie sung between each section - Dave you have the book so please bring it with you
Song - father hear our prayer
Dropping stones in water to symbolise letting go of sin - play Moby track 'why does my heart feel so bad?' - Mark to introduce?
reading - Matthew 6:1-21 - jen?

section 2 - imposition of ashes

follow liturgy - mike/dave to concoct liturgy between them and lead it; dave to make ash
meditation 'what will be left of us' from labo CD to listen to

section 3 - focus on Christ

use picture 'give me jesus' on slide (dave to make slide)
space for reflection/meditation on our need for jesus - steve to lead/introduce
song - god above
song - amazing grace/ be thou my vision
closing prayer

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