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September 1999: Homecoming

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The entire service was based on Henri Nouwen's book about Rembrandt's painting 'The Return of the Prodigal'. We had obtained a set of slides showing details of the painting - hands, feet, faces - and created a station for each one, examining different aspects of the story.

the station for the slide of the prodigal son being welcomed by his father is here

originally part of 'homecoming', based on a set of slides illustrating rembrandt's painting 'the return of the prodigal'. it had a second life as station 5 of the st. paul's cathedral labyrinth.

on the wall above this station is projected a part of the painting: the prodigal son being embraced by his father. on a table in front of it is an OS map. on the map is a map-reading compass, and four or five small magnets. beside the map is the book 'walking in circles' by richard long, open at the double-page spread 'kicking stones: a 203 mile northward walk in six days'


the compass points north
but the coloured magnets, like false norths,
can pull it astray.
play a little with the magnets
bring them close to the compass and see the effect.

the still small voice of true north is there all the time
but the false norths drown it out
if they get too close.

how then will we find our way home
across strange terrain?

what are the false norths in your life?

in addition there is this text:

focus on the figures of the father and the son.

remain in silence for a while.

try to imagine the scene of the encounter between father and son....

the younger son took all his father could give him and left.

he wanted to rule his own life, but stronger forces were pulling the strings. he wanted to be his own new creation, but stronger forces remade him in their own image.

both feast and famine took all he had - even his humanity. he found himself in a world where pigs were worth more than people, because pigs have economic value.

so he returned to his father to sell himself as a commodity.

but his father received him as a son.

notice his shaved head - symbol of loss of humanity. he has become an object to be used and discarded.

he wants to be a hired hand - a partial, conditional humanity that has to be continually earned and can be revoked.

the father receives him in the sonship of full humanity. being someone’s child does not have to be earned or deserved. the father will not allow him to be anything less than a son.

do you feel you have to earn god’s love?

if so, look at the painting and put yourself in the position of the younger son. feel the embrace of god’s accepting love.

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