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October 1999: God our therapist

Grace 1999 October flyer

the central feature was a dome tent set up without its outer sheet. inside the top of the tent hung a lightbulb.


2 examples of misconceptions of therapy (Antz clip and problem prayer) - jen


introducing theme; what is therapy?; why suggest God as a therapist? - Ana

songs x 2

? + heal me

group discussion

exploring the metaphor of God the therapist - Mike

interview a therapist (Jona)

- Jonny


Sinead O Connor track 'this is to mother you'


Christ and his relationship with God the therapist - Ana

response time

- Steve

the lightbulb in the tent symbolises the light of god's presence. there are squares of various materials available - black plastic, coloured plastic, fabrics, paper etc. the congregation each choose a piece and stick it on the tent, to represent their current relationship with god: eg an opaque piece placed close to the bulb means 'close to god but not seeing', a transparent pice far from the bulb means 'a long way from god but seeing god' etc.

closing prayer

- Dave


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The tent after people had stuck their pieces of material on it.

View from the entrance.

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