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December 1999: Labyrinth

Grace 1999 December flyer

it is on a Christmas theme. there will be the usual atmosphere with music playing and voice over bits and bobs. action: dave to write bits and bobs connecting kev and ana's notes and christmas readings/snippets


the set up will be the labyrinth in the hall at the back. the entrance and exit to the labyrinth will be in the entrance to that hall. there will be a cafe set up at the back near the hatch all evening with tea/coffee/squash, mince pies and clementines. action: steve to rework the st paul's labyrinth design to fit in the space incorporating 4 stations + the central area action: dave to buy items for cafe - tea, coffee, sugar, milk, squash, mince pies, clementines

the labyrinth will run from 5-6pm for parents and younger children to do together. then it will run from 6-9:30pm with people able to come and go as they please. when people arrive they will be given a card to take round with them to be stamped at the various stations en route. instructions for what to do will be on boards in the corridor into the labyrinth. action: mike to notify database via e-mail of times action: dave to do instructions for boards action: steve to get labyrinth fliers printed action: jen to make the fliers into cards to be stamped action: ian to make the stamps for each station

the labyrinth will consist of 5 stations as follows. there will also be some of the usual things to do on the way round in between the stations but given more of a christmas flavour. action: dave to produce inbetween bits

station 1:

contemporary christmas reflecting on what christmas is about. this will be set up like a home with a sofa, tv loop of james bond, queens speech etc,. one thing christmas is about for a lot of people is friends and family - there will be the opportunity to reflect on this and make a friendship bracelet. action: ian and lucy to plan station, get stuff for friendship bracelets etc action: mark and adam to produce video

station 2:

angel station, with readings and images reflecting on angels. people will make an angel at this station that they then take on with them to the next one. action: dave and alwyn to plan station and work out how to make angels

station 3:

nativity grotto, with nativity scene and readings on christmas story. people will add their angel to the angelic host in the scene. there will be a mobile with bicycle wheel with images of jesus from various cultures around the world. this will connect with the incarnation and people will be encouraged to write or draw something to consider how christ connects with their culture/world. the children will be encouraged to draw a picture of the first christmas as they imagine it. they will then collect a luminous star to take with them. action: jonny to plan this station, get stars, etc. action: alwyn and mike to get nativity figures

station 4:

epiphany station based on gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. at this people will reflect on what they bring/give to god and to others. they will write these things on a template for a box. this will then be made into a gift to be taken to the next station. there will also be face paints and people get a stripe of three colours to represent the gold, frankincense and myrrh. action: mike to plan this station, get face paints, pens etc action: jen to design templates and instructions for making gifts

station 5:

this will be the central station/holy space. there will be a christmas tree here. people place their gifts under the tree. there will also be paper chains to write prayers on to hang on the tree. and people can spend some time in quiet. before they leave they will plant a bulb as a way of thinking about the future and what they would like to plant for the new millenium to take out with them. people then make their way out of the labyrinth. action: steve to plan this station, get tree, paper chains, bulbs etc.


<< swipe left

General view across the labyrinth. Station 5 in the middle with the Christmas tree. Note the words on the path.

'Nativity' in the foreground with crib and images of Christ hung on a washing line. Behind is the gift-making station.

Making angels. 'Contemporary Christmas' with sofa and TV is beyond.

The nativity scene where we leave the angels.

Charging up luminous stars at the nativity station.

Making symbolic gifts [little coloured boxes out of single strips of paper - quite fiddly]

'Contemporary Christmas' where we sit and watch TV - a loop of James Bond, the Queen's speech and other 'traditional' Christmas Day programmes.

The tree. Leave your gift and plant a bulb in a pot to take home.

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