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January 2000: subject unknown

Grace 1999-2000 flyer

The subject of this service is currently unknown, but the following piece of material has been found.

Bittersweet ritual

we look back at the fruit of the last millennium
the fruit of humanity's actions on earth
and we see a very mixed picture.

we see cathedrals and the renaissance, the novel and the cinema;
we see the conquest of the americas and africa, slavery and world war.

we see those who call themselves god's people doing evil,
and those who do not seem to be god's people doing good;

we see humanity struggling with the curse of adam and eve
gardening and ruining the garden
and the golden thread of god like a stream which sometimes comes to the surface and sometimes runs deep underground,
bursting out as a spring where not expected.

this double state of humanity is symbolised by the food and drink set out in front of you;
on the left is sour fruit and bitter wine, in fact vinegar which is a form of sour wine
on the right is sweet fruit and good wine
in front of each is a prayer

we'd like you to go to each in turn, taste the fruit and drink and pray
a hint - it might be better if you do the bad-tasting things first
or you will be left with the bad taste for the rest of the service

taste the sour fruit and bitter wine of wrong
poverty injustice war slavery conquest genocide exploitation
ask god for help to not carry these things forward into the third millennium,
and help to fight against them whenever they appear

taste the sweet fruit and good wine of right
healing justice creativity stewardship art peace freedom community
ask god for help to carry these things forward into the third millennium,
and help to nurture and protect them whenever they are threatened

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