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February 2000: Icons

Grace 1999-2000 flyer

Simon Jenkins was the guest speaker explaining the tradition of icons.

1. icons carried in in procession and set in their places on the 'stations'
appropriate music eg the beatitudes

2. opening prayer

3. general introductory talk with slides [simon jenkins]

what icons are and how they are used, history and tradition, images as windows into other realities or presences, representation theologically driven etc

4. pens and paper given out, people discuss in small groups and write down things that function as icons for them

5. congregation invited to walk around, look at the icons, take time to contemplate them and pray [standing] before them.

four icons, each with an explanation of subject/symbolism/story/how to read the picture
possibility of people lighting candles in front of the icons

music from taverner/orthodox liturgy as background

6. congregation recalled to front
read out some of the things that people have written that function as icons for them

7. final prayer

congregation invited to bring to next service things that are icons to them

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