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July 2007: Labyrinth + summer BBQ

july 2007 grace flyer

We set up from 6pm, official start at 7pm. People could walk the labyrinth at any time. Food was ready from around 7.30pm. We finished around 10pm with prayers and incense sprinkled on the barbecue.


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Kathy in the centre of the labyrinth.

Just getting started. Lynda, Joel and Adam on the Fatboys.

Lynda and Jen walk the labyrinth.

Steve Collins. The Tour de France t-shirt is a souvenir from the Grand Depart which had just happened in London.

Jen in the centre of the labyrinth.

Mike gets the barbecues going - this one is meat-free.

Suddenly a group of Goths walk through the churchyard! Sadly they don't join the labyrinth.

Marcela and Paul.

People take their shoes off to walk the labyrinth.

Paul in the centre.

Music on the tombs.


Now it's time for food.



Jenny, Jonny, Richard and Paul.


Matt, Gwen, Steve and Ethan.

Richard, Matt, Zoe and Jonny.

Adam lights the candles as the evening draws in.



It can be hard to keep the candles alight if there's a breeze.



The evening finishes with prayers and incense sprinkled on the barbecue.

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