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February 2007: Windows to heaven

february 2007 grace flyer - virgin of loving tenderness

The appreciation of visible beauty is a necessary, though transitory path towards the appreciation of absolute beauty, which is apprehended only by the soul. John of Damascus

A chance to learn something of the history of Iconography, to see how an Icon is created, to practise drawing in the Byzantine tradition and to use Icons for prayerful meditation with iconographer, Suzanna Rust.

Set up

Usual layout – clear the pews put out bean bags, 2 screens for images, tea lights on the altar table.
Additions – bring through 5-6 of the small children’s tables to give people something to draw on
Need to get out pens/pencils and paper and place some on each table.
Music – will need laptop as the music of the mediation will be arrive on cd.
Suzanna and Geoffrey will arrive about 7.30pm

Pre service

Music and icons image loop – (Richard to provide image loop)
Someone to meet and greet at door way


Welcome – evening spent looking at and experiencing something of the Orthodox tradition of using icons in prayer – part of Grace journey to learn from the various church traditions.

Led by Suzanna Rust, iconographer.

Opening Prayer

Out of nothingness we came
through birth into life

With the Spirit of God within us.

From the life of God
the universe unfolded into being

With the Spirit of God within it

From the heart of God
creation goes on till the end of time:

With the Spirit of God within it

May all our gifts
be at work in the world.

With the Spirit of God within us

Let us embrace the God who enfolds us

We delight in God



Introduce Suzanna

Background and history of icons – also a little of the techniques of making icons. [Powerpoint of Suzanna’s own work]

Drawing prayer exercise using icon ‘templates’


Suzanna to provide music probably on cd – end with 5-10 minutes silence.

Closing Prayer

Let us remember those who have gone before us.
Let us be inspired by the great works of the past.
Let us stand for truth and justice.
Let us create new works
Let us bring light to the dark places.


Grace news

– Lent blog, book group, next social, gracelet, next Grace – Steve to lead.


– need volunteers to man and purchase of café.


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Attempting to copy icons from templates.

Attempting to copy icons from templates.


The Virgin of Vladimir.

Rublev's Trinity.

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