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January 2007: Set sail

january 2007 grace flyer

guests mark berry and jem from telford led the service. a great way to kick off and look forward to the challenges of a new year.

jonny interviewed mark about what he is up to in telford (will link to mark's report for the last year when he puts it online). and then mark and jem led us in a reflective worship time on the theme set sail.

set sail

candles formed the outline of a boat in the centre of the space and then a line of sand ran across the front of the space with the words set sail and brendan's cross on the floor.

taking inspiration from st brendan who knelt on the beach before setting sail in his small leather boat and trusting the wind of god's spirit to blow him where the spirit willed, it was a challenge to set sail in mission leaving the comforts of known securities and trust ourselves afresh to god. it included a ritual of making a mark in the sand before setting sail.

set sail worship trick has links

st brendan's prayer

prayer attributed to sir francis drake

mark has uploaded a pdf of the text he used

steve's set sail flickr set

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