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June 2003: Trinity - Paul Hobbs

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A service featuring the artwork of Paul Hobbs. Hobbs had been commissioned to create a huge Trinity mural for a church. The commission was never realised, but Hobbs made numerous paintings of parts of the mural, which were arranged around the room. He talked to us about them, and then we were able to spend time looking.


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'Body of Christ' I and II either side of the central panel of 'Three in One Triptych'

Paul Hobbs front right.

'Three in One design' projected in three slides, but the overlap bleaches out in photographs - see next image. Left to right, the sections are Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

'Three in One design' © Paul Hobbs used by permission.

On the left is the left-hand panel of 'Three in One Triptych'

The food in the cafe was all trinitarian - everything in threes, or triangular.


In case you're wondering, the jelly babies come in three kinds of body [though more flavours].

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