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May 2003: Breakfast

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set-up in polygon:

  • sea video stuff with noises [jonny]
  • camo netting
  • wood [jen]
  • sand
  • shells [jen]
  • sand/sea slides [steve]
  • sand on plastic sheeting
  • wood, shells on sand

stuff to bring:

  • fish [moya]
  • bread [jackie]
  • wine [bring a bottle]
  • soft drinks

intro [jen]

flashback of peter's denial on video [ miracle maker] to set the scene for what follows [jen]

john 21 meditation [steve]
this lasts about half an hour
which might be hard for some people, so we will have pens and paper for them to draw on [quietly] as responses during the meditation
i will tell people this in introduction

cook fish in kitchen slowly to be ready and smelling at end of meditations.

during last few minutes of meditation, fish, bread and wine will be brought in and placed around the wood. when meditation ends and people open their eyes they will be invited to eat and drink


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People arriving before the start.

We didn't actually light the fire and cook fish on it, which was a pity.


Eating fish after the meditation.


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