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September 2002: Life is...

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At the entrance 'life is' image on Mac Classic - [MIKE]
Box of chocolates as people come in [Forrest Gump ref] - [ADAM]
Video of cardiograph as life theme [MARK]
Sound of heartbeat on CD [MARK?]
Sample of 'God has given you life'? [JONNY]


'Relax your body' animation and track - [JONNY]

Opening prayer/liturgy - [MOYA]



God above
Psalm 23 The Lord's my shepherd - [JONNY + MOYA]

Intro to term theme 'life & death'

Life is...

Get people to think about it in groups [JUSTIN]

Things that stop u living
Things that make u feel alive

Input words on computer [ADAM]
Write on leaves to keep for Death service [STEVE]

Life is... meditation by Martin Wroe [from CD]

Prayers of intercession [MIKE]

Goodbye and pray for Justin
mention Sept 11th

Massive Attack 'angel' video as background
'possibility people'[JEN and JONNY]

Lazyboy 'Do not be afraid' track [CD]

Drinks [ALL]


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Logo in candles

The shrine 'A kiss goodbye' from Greenbelt was also included.

'Life is a box of chocolates...'

Sound desk on left, vision mixer on right with laptops for input, output to TVs around space. Big three-colour video projector upper right.

Writing what 'life is' on leaves, to be kept for 'Death is...'



Cardiograph video on right-hand laptop, running on the TVs.




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