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February 2003: Oblique strategies

Xmas lights/stars/disco balls to add to the mood as required.

Opening sentence (from Bod) – Steve

Opening responses - Mike

Songs – Jonny


Cards bluetacked onto the wall - Confessional sentence in the middle – body scrub and bowl for cleaning ritual (Mike to prepare cards etc, Deborah to bring her scrub)


3 readings about Jesus/sheep etc – Jen (sheep candles to be lit after each reading in a blue peter advent crown type way, Jesus figure there as well)

Song – Jonny

Sharing of the day

Disco ball lights up brief words or pictures from today which is special to whoever calls out.


Opportunity for prayers of concern spoken, unspoken or written. Paper and pens by each prayer space for people to record their prayers. Mike to prepare cards etc.

We bring to God someone whom we have met or remembered today and for whom we want to pray – glitter pens/glitter to write down names

We bring to God someone who is hurting, sick or suffering tonight and who needs our prayer – Viagra + other drugs of choice [there really was a Viagra pill!]

We bring to God a troubled situation in our world tonight – chain sellotape pieces to put on our clothes, inflatable globe etc

We bring to God silently, someone whom we find hard to forgive or trust – Open/Closed sign as symbol

Compose your own prayers etc – Shakespeare fridge magnets on baking trays

Song – Jonny

Closing responses

Mike to prepare

Explanation of the items used + news etc

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