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April 2003: Stations of the Cross

Run from late afternoon to enable children to take part and to give more time to go round.

Photos here.

0. explanation sheet [moya]

1. jesus condemned to die

Walking towards the station breaks a sensor beam that triggers the sound of a jeering crowd. On the TV are washing hands and a meditation. [mike + adam]

2. jesus carries his cross

write sins on little crosses [moya]

'Think of a sin you wish to offload onto Jesus and to receive help and forgiveness for. Write it in pencil on a cross and carry it with you. At station 11 there will be instructions on how to offload it.'

3. jesus falls 1 [steve]

concrete paving slab with the words 'I am the stone that makes them stumble'

4. jesus meets his mother

people who've inspired your faith - who do you inspire? - book of life write names in [mark/deborah]

5. simon carries the cross

Add a stone symbolising your sin to the rucksack. Put it on to feel the burden. [jonny]

6. Veronica wipes Jesus' face [anna]

The non-biblical tradition is that Veronica wiped the sweat and blood from Jesus' face. The cloth she used then bore the image of the face of Christ.[mike will bring face-print game]

7. jesus falls 2 [steve]

concrete paving slab with the words 'I am the rock on which they fall'

8. women of jerusalem - [mark/deborah]

making painted handprints

9. jesus falls 3 [steve]

concrete paving slab with the words 'I am the stone that the builders rejected'

10. jesus is stripped

kindling sticks dipped purple paint sandpaper writing [jackie][mike]

11. jesus is nailed to the cross

Nail the little cross you made at station 2 to the big cross. [moya]

12 . jesus dies - dead bouquet [jonny]

Flowers are tied to the mesh like the scene of a road accident or street murder. A meditation on Christ's death plays on the computer.

13. the deposition from the cross

This evokes a military field hospital [the Iraq war had just taken place] with empty bed. The monitor is flatlining. [flatline on oscilloscope + whistle][mike][mark - camp bed]

14. jesus is laid in the tomb

Outside, we lay a stone on the tomb and light a candle.


tv/video for kids in schoolroom
cafe in first room - draw folding screen and enter thru door
need to instruct parents re taking small kids round and telling them the story - not unsupervised
hot cross buns, tea, coffee, juice, wine

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