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December 2002: Nine

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This was the start of an Advent tradition. We took the 'Nine Lessons and Carols' format and gave it our own twist. We found nine volunteers willing to take part and each was given one of the traditional readings. They then had to choose a related piece of music, and create something that related to the reading - this might be a piece of art, a ritual, a meditation, a thought, VJing, or whatever.

At the service the nine readings are read, and after each one the person/people do their piece and play their chosen piece of music.

This is a format where we can invite contributions from people outside the usual circle. We don't know what anyone will do beforehand so the evening is full of surprises. We have had some truly amazing one-offs. For the same reason it's hard to archive - most of what happens has not been written down in an order of service or discussed in an email, and it may not be in a digital or easily archived form.


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Title in candles.

The visit of the Magi. In whose game are you a pawn?

Moya does a spiral painting.

Moya does a spiral painting.

Yrekcirtcele sample vinyl records and manipulate them to soundtrack the service.

Complete with Bagpuss.

Mulled wine, mince pie and song lyrics.

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