Grace - fresh vital worship since 1993

March 2003: Ash


reading from 'imaging the word' vol 2 p.145
large hourglass

focus of service - levelling, repentance, connected

dust to dust animation [steve][email to adam]

blog for lent [adam]
introduce lent blog
rota of entries
focus on god



ps 51 - bcp or sheet version? - steve to investigate

collect for ash wednesday

6 degrees of separation [adam]


scales [mike+jen]

write on heavy sheet/metal foil?
light sheet eg tissue/layout paper

bible reading

either pharisee/publican or sermon on the mount


introduce ash [mark to make ash]

signing with ash

focus - word 'easter' projected out of focus and slowly focussing with song to listen to [mike to intro][adam to do word]

communion liturgy

mike to liaise with philip for approval][other voice to be jackie][moya making bread]

isaiah 61


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