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May 2010: Yearn

may 2010 grace flyer

[this service revisited the story of the prodigal son/embracing father/grumpy older brother. inspiration for it came from ken bailey's poet and peasant book and miroslav volf's book exclusion and embrace. then we interwove several pieces from padraig's album hymns to swear by that we played. the set up was with a home - sofas, table, plant, fridge - in the centre and confession stations in 4 corners. amongst the visuals we used images of these stencils]

yearn movie loop


God above
Opening collect (from Hymns to Swear by)

Home - memories

Exploring stories, memories and associations with home
Discuss in small groups, and stick photos to fridge with fridge magnets
Blank postcards and pens for people who may not have photos

Home – trap or haven

Narrative Theology (from hymns to swear by) – the answer is in a story...
Tell/read/narrrate story of prodigal son. Set up story first - start of chapter, hear story one of whom will make a demand..., shocking request, father losing dignity etc..
Explore home in the story – I wonder... (a la godly play) on the two sons feelings/experience of home

Home – in Babylon

Play Maranatha (from hymns to swear by)
Then invite people to go to one of 4 areas they most identify with. Each will have a station and accompanying ritual for confession with a line from song.
These were...
you are my strength when i am weak -
i've given up sometimes when i've been tired - washing up
i've fucked it up so many times - shred paper with sins on
i found my home in babylon - mark on a map your distance from home


Play Yearn for Home (hymns to swear by)

Home - Reconfigured

Improvised dialgue between two sons along lines of...
Discuss in twos - who do you identify with? - Dean
Spread out sofas – reconfigure world as an order of embrace

Home – the table

Peace Share communion on the table in the centre of the home - take bread and wine out of fridge!
yearn communion liturgy

Home – blessing

'Order of embrace' blessing
Give people a key as an object to takeaway to symbolise in terms of home that a) if they identify with the younger son, that they are not slaves but children with access to the front door and b) if they identify with the older son outside the party the door is always open and the arms are open wide as the world is reconfigured as an order or embrace.

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