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February 2010: Be Do (beatitudes vs do-attitudes)

february 2010 grace flyer

A service exploring the apparent contradictions in what jesus said and did. do we only see the christ we want to see? participants were given red or blue glasses as they entered and were forbidden to take them off for the whole service. all graphics and texts were red/blue overprints so that people wearing one colour glasses could only see one set of texts/graphics and were dependent on people wearing the other colour of glasses to describe what they couldn't see for themselves.

the overprinted texts were pairs of seemingly opposed statements by or about jesus. one set emphasised "gentle jesus, meek and mild", the other set emphasised jesus as passionate, confrontational, even harsh. so half the congregation were given a very different understanding of jesus to the other half, and were only able to know about the hidden side by talking to people wearing the other colour of glasses.

A bit of a write up is here

Some photos here

the service was expanded for Greenbelt in the summer on a bigger scale!

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