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June 2015: Event Horizon

event horizon 2015 flyer

This was a version of our Greenbelt 2014 event Event Horizon, adapted to run around the churchyard of St Mary's Ealing. A couple of the cards were rewritten to remove references to the Orpheus landscape feature or to the pool of water.

We ran the cafe from the start, because people needed to go round the churchyard in ones and twos not all at once. As people arrived, we gave them numbers and a leaflet to explain, asked them to get a drink and take a seat around one of the cafe tables, where there was already food. We introduced the evening - told people about the walk, the cards, the music players and that they will go by number at intervals. And then we began to call the numbers, at 5 minute intervals.

In the event, people took much longer to go round than we had anticipated. Fortunately in June the daylight lasts longer, but even so the last few people made the walk in advanced twilight.

The instructions on the leaflet read:

You have been given a number. When your number is called, come to the door and you will be given a set of 8 cards. Carry them around the churchyard following the trail of numbers.

At each number, read the card of that number - first the black sides only, 1 to 7, then both sides of card 8, then the white sides only from 7 back to 1. You will then arrive back at the church.

This is a meditative walk so relax, take your time and think about what is written on the cards. You can stay at the numbered place while you think, or you can walk slowly on. Take as much time as you want - it’s OK to overtake people if you want to move on, or to let them go past if you want to linger.

You will also find music players at various places. Put the headphones on to hear a piece of music.

The tracks are an additional element to help your thoughts. You don’t need to listen to all (or any) of them, or in a particular order. The tracks play continuously on a loop so you don’t have to wait for them to start or end. Listen for as long as you want.

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