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January 2015: Ruah

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A first for Grace - a service based on jazz improv. People were given cards with chords on that described emotional or spiritual states. They placed the cards on a board and the musicians improvised on the resulting chance-generated chord sequence.

See Chris Read's explanatory blog post

The slides are here.

Video of service here.

Order of service:

7:50-8:10pm Entry: cards given out at random. Huntly plays free jazz. Definition of improv slide on screen.

8:10pm First Reading: Genesis 1:2 - repeated second half with different translations. Simple tonal improv. Reading on screen.

8:15pm Welcome: Brief explanation of cards, chords and role of Huntly. Intro to II-V-I. Simple tonal improv. Grace II-V-I card on screen.

8:20pm Prodigal Son: Abridged Prodigal Son readings - II-V-I highlighted (see slide). Music - II-V-I around reading. Reading on screen.

8:25pm Third reading: Adapted reading that incorporates all states. People invited to collect a card which resonates with them, write on back. Possibly repeat reading. Music to coincide with states. Reading on screen.

8:35pm Chord board: people asked to place cards on board for musicians to play through. Followed by one minute of silence. Music follows cards. Definition of improv on screen.

8:50pm Balance: 'Balance' song - people can join in with chorus. Chorus words on screen.

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