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September 2014: Memory

memory flyer

The Ealing London Independent Photography group had a photo exhibition Memory in the space. This was the first of a new pattern of Grace services with an art focus.


Gather everyone in the polygon. Pull across screen so that the space is narrow. Music playing.
Welcome people and breathing/centring/focusing prayer - Mike


Explain theme of Memory and exhibition. Connect photo and contemplation.
Invite people in quiet to look at photos. Then find one to linger with.
Then talk in twos to share insights


Invite those who have contributed to the exhibition to say something about their photo(s) and the connection with the theme of memory.


Open up the theme of memory in relation to the Christian story. Use the text ‘Remember you were slaves’?

Prayer/Ritual Response

Two rituals:
Candles - light a candle to pray and remember
String - tie a piece of string to add your story to the bigger story

Closing Prayer/Blessing/Liturgy

‘shine light of God’ from Lindisfarne

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