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May 1999: Time of our Lives

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'Time of our Lives' was the Archbishop of Canterbury's Millennium youth event, held across London. Grace provided one of three cathedral services on Pentecost Sunday, in Southwark cathedral. About 500 people attended.

Service outline:

The church will be lowlit, with images projected onto sheets between the pillars and onto video screens and TVs in various positions. Music will be played as people come in. During most parts of the liturgy and prayers ambient music will be played in the background.

1. Welcome/introduction

Spoken over music track 'God is a DJ' [by Faithless]

2. Preparing for worship

Play track 'Inner City Life' [by Goldie] and project words - give space for people to quiet themselves down in God's presence

3. Candle lighting prayers

Initially one candle is lit and subsequently all 15 candle holders (with 12 candles on each). While this is taking place the following words are used

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God and the Word was God
In him was life and the life was the light of all.

The light and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all
And also with you

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God
Who is worthy of all thanksgiving and praise

4. Songs

While candles continue to be lit songs/chants will be sung:

The Lord is my light my light and salvation
In him I trust In him I trust

Come Holy Spirit
Fill the hearts of your people
Kindle in us the fire of your love

5. Meditation/reflection

A reading/reflection on the theme of the incarnation as God journeying to be with us in our world. This will be accompanied by background music and video images from the film 2001 of a fast journey through space to the earth.

6. Readings and response

A series of short readings over quiet music. After each reading there will be a sung response.

Verses from John chapter 1 in The Message
[sung response] Thankyou for entering into our world

Reading from the introduction to Mark's Gospel by Nick Cave in the Pocket Canons series
[sung response] Thankyou for entering into our world

Verses from Phil 2
[sung response] Thankyou for entering into our world

7. The Creed (sung)

I believe in God the Father Almighty
I believe that he made the earth and heavens
I believe in Jesus born of a woman
I believe that he is the Son of God

refrain: I believe i believe i believe i believe.

I believe in Jesus teacher and healer
I believe that his life was poor and simple
I believe he died betrayed and rejected
I believe that he fought the power of evil

I believe the holy life giving Spirit
Is a gift of the Son and Father to us
I believe the three are one and united
I believe in his healing and forgiveness

I believe that Jesus died and was buried
I believe that he rose to life again
I believe that he was taken to heaven
I believe that he reigns at God's right hand

I believe that he will come back in glory
I believe he will judge the dead and living
I believe the resurrection of body
I believe in the life that's everlasting

8. Talk - given by Rev Rose Hudson Wilkins

9. 'Bittersweet' ritual

There will be an opportunity to respond to the message by taking part in a ritual. There will be stations by all the pillars in the church and in the transepts with a table with pieces of lemon and a bowl of honey with breadsticks. Those that want to can go forward to taste a piece of lemon and acknowledge the reality of pain/bitterness in their lives but God's presence with them in the midst of that. Then they can taste the honey by dipping the breadstick in the bowl to acknowledge and give thanks for the sweet/good things in life and God's presence in those. During this the track 'Bittersweet Symphony' by the Verve will be played.

10. Prayers of intercession

During the prayers incense will be burned. There will be a said response after each prayer.

Let my prayer rise before you as incense
The lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice

11. Blessing

Everyone will stand and there will be an exhortation to follow the example of Christ who came as a light into our world by taking the light into the world with us. During this the track 'Firestarter' [by the Prodigy] will be played.

12. Final Song

God is our strength and salvation
Bringer of true liberation
God is the power in our weakness
Promise of life in completeness

Freedom to move to a bigger rhythm
Freedom to live in the love of heaven
Freedom to dream of a new creation
Freedom to walk as a holy nation

God is the love that enfolds us
God is the father who holds us
God is the mother who feeds us
God is the servant who leads us

God is the son of a woman
Measure of how to be human
God is the Christ who is risen
Giver of courage and vision

God is the joy of creation
Source of our life celebration
God is the author of meaning
God is our reason for dreaming


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The beginning of the service, from the west end of the cathedral. Still a bit too much daylight for our liking!

A meditation on incarnation, with the 'trip' sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The then-Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey addresses the congregation.

DJ view during the 'bittersweet ritual', with 'Bittersweet Symphony' by The Verve playing.




After the end of the service.

Event passes.

There was also an exhibition at Westminster Central Hall featuring material from Grace (London), Visions (York), Elemental and Third Sunday (Bristol), and One Small Barking Dog (Birmingham).

Exhibition flyer by Wilf Whitty at Ratiotype. Printed both sides of A4 tracing paper. Note the contrast with the 'children's book' event graphics.

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