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May 2021: Building a labyrinth

Grace May 2021 Building a labyrinth flyer

Grace was starting its emergence from the virtual to the physical as the rules around lockdown were eased.

During lockdown Grace was invited to work with St John’s Church Southall and Arocha to help build a Labyrinth as part of the Wolf Fields project in Norwood Green.

So while we were not yet able to meet indoors we proposed to have work parties to start the preparatory work for the labyrinth by clearing the ground.

Afterwards we then proposed to meet in picnic groups on Ealing Common, near the Grange Pub that was serving drinks.

We planned to meet as work parties (following the Rule of Six) from 12.30pm and 3pm at Wolf Fields, and from 5.30pm at Ealing Common.

However, the weather was extremely wet in the morning and it was only possible to work from 3pm. We then went to the Rose and Crown pub next to St Mary's for a meal.

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