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February 2019: Space

space flyer

This year our February service fell in a space between church seasons - Christmas and Epiphany were past, Lent did not begin until March, so we found ourselves in an in-between place, a place to pause for quiet reflection.

The service ran entirely on screen, with music, for the congregation to simply watch, meditate and pray. The presenters said nothing after the welcome and introduction.

Order of service

Welcome and introduction

Come Holy Spirit - meditation with candle flame video

Slow down - prayer

Hey man slow down - Radiohead song 'The Tourist' and video of sand settling in shaken jar

Silence - three minutes

Wisdom - lectio divina. Meditation on a Bible passage from Isaiah 43. Read, meditate, pray, contemplate.

Song: I need something new - Savages

Silence - three minutes

Prayer - Jacob struggling with God.

Jacob wrestled with God one night. These images are artists' interpretations of that. For our prayer tonight we will take the idea of prayer as struggling with God. We pray for those we know who are on our hearts. We struggle with God.

Song: Struggle sounds - Seun Kuti

Struggle music
Struggle sounds
Struggle people
Struggle now

Silence - three minutes

Sending out:

in peace we will lie down and sleep
for you alone make us dwell in safety


abide with us jesus
for the night is at hand and the day is now past

as the night-watch looks for the morning
so do we look for you o christ

the lord bless us and watch over us;
the lord make his face shine upon us
and be gracious to us
the lord look kindly on us
and give us peace


Song: Without Christ - Calvin Carr and Company

Slides pdf here - note that the movie clips are absent for the candle flame, the shaken jar, and the Jacob images.

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