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November 2018: 25th Anniversary Grace

grace 25th anniversary flyer

Grace began on Sunday 7th November 1993, with a service called ‘Grace’ and Dave Tomlinson as guest speaker. We can't quite believe that was a quarter of a century ago. The evening revolved around a celebratory meal, with plenty of stuff to bring back memories, and also looking to the future - Grace 50th in 2043?

It was great to be joined by many old friends and members. Matt and friends provided the soundtrack. There was a timeline with flyers along the floor. There was Grace memorabilia. We attempted to recreate the old 'stack of TVs' with modern flat screens. Lynda made a birthday cake. The event ran until midnight or so.

Grace 25 video clip

A walk around the space at about 11pm. The meal is over and some people have gone.

Grace 25th anniversary celebration from steve collins on Vimeo.

Grace XXV zine

We have created a 64-page full colour zine to mark 25 years of Grace - it grew into a small book really. But it could have been two or three times as big!

Click here or on the image above to open it in your browser. You can then download it to keep. It's 57.5Mb so maybe best to open it when you're on wifi. Takes a few seconds but it's worth it!

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