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September 2005: Engage

Photos here

1. Dramatic start

Unexplained smashing of mirror with sledge hammer. see fab pics here including steve doing a ymca impression

(No link or explanation into...)

2. Radiohead video (the one with buildings collapsing)

Verses on death, letting go etc...

3. Plate smashing ritual

Invite people to consider comfort that they want to move on from, or something dear that needs to be let go of. This could be personal or about Grace. Write it on plate and drop onto concrete slab. Play shouty track video by Lemon Jelly

4. Grace in transition

Introduce reshaping Grace process. Recap weekend. Explain letting go of some of the ways we have done things. Invite/challenge to consider part in reshaping. Living with discomfort.

Lead godly play style 'I wonder what could be made of the fragments/broken pieces' (Play track 'So Beautiful' by Urban Myth Club)

5. Reflection/Prayer

Reflection/meditation on broken pieces connecting with personal and Grace stuff.
Prayer for Grace and personal things.
Conclude with liturgy with response 'far I have come far I must go' based on song on Idjut Boys album Press Play.

We are creatures of comfort
God of broken people and places (far I have come far I must go)

6. Scriptures on rebuilding/desert blossoming etc..

7. Take away bags

Invite people to come and take a bag with a broken piece, and a sheet inviting them to think about where they might engage.
Play track 'get up get involved' by James Brown

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