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September 2008: Wounded in all the right places

september 2008 grace flyer

we're back for a new season of grace.
[thanks to 1giantleap for the inspiration for the title - one of the tracks on their new album]

1. intro/welcome

nothing is wasted story
song - my heart is restless
1giantleap clip - wounded in all the right places (taken from the dvd what about me)

2. broken table

collect a whole tile
broken pieces of tile brought to make table
quotes on brokenness to be projected

3. broken body

hospitality 'it's rare' song as welcome to table.
wounded eucharistic prayer
bread and wine shared using table made from broken pieces

4. prayers

ethos explained (ethos movie here)
candle lighting prayers - ethos words written out in night lights
ethos confession
prayer of commitment god of many names - it's called naming and presentation: a dedication by kathy galloway from the book 'talking to the bones' spck 1996

5. blessing

improvised blessing written during the service (inspired by juli allen)

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