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March 2024: Labyrinth at Beyond

Beyond, based at St. Luke's Prestonville in Brighton, brought their Eucharist of Light service to Grace in February 2020. We had agreed to do a return gig but this was delayed by the pandemic until 2024.

We restaged the Christmas labyrinth from December 2023. It was a lovely peaceful evening. The red cast in the photos comes from the infra-red heaters, which affect a camera more than the human eye - it wasn't as red as this, but the glow is too cozy to colour-correct out! It looks more like how it felt.


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The labyrinth itself is the 'Relationship with God' station. The stand on the left has cards with the words for the inward and outward journeys.


In the aisle, left to right, the 'Self' station, 'Planet', and 'Others'.

Panos tend to shrink the centre compared to the sides. The labyrinth looks too small here.

This is better, with the labyrinth shifted to the side.

When people had finished in the church there was food and drink in the room at the back.

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