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May 2023: Prospect Wood

Grace May 2023 Prospect Wood flyer

Outline schedule for the day

11:45-12 coffee and cake
12:00 - orientation to wood, time to wander, sit in a hammock
13:00 - lunch
13:30 - free time, walk, explore, opportunity to split wood, or any other woodland activity
15:00 - Steve and Heather arrive
15:15 - tea
15:30 - conversation in the tipi or outside about way forward for Grace - ideas, plans
16:30 - Mike and Steve + Baxters depart
18:00 - supper
19:00 - prayer/reflection in tipi (for this I’ll bring a few prayers but do feel free to bring a poem/prayer/thought/idea to contribute)
19:30 - drinks, marsh mallow toasting and bat spotting
20:30 - depart


We light this fire as a prayer for
God to be with us,
to spark our imagination,
to kindle passion for life,
to warm our hearts with love for God’s world

(everyone add a stick to the fire)

God of the east, the sun rising and the fruitful earth.
We call to you, to bring us light
God of the west, sun setting and the ocean.
We call to you, to bring us peace
God of the North and the mountains.
We call to you, to give us your perspective
God of the South and the warm breeze
We call to you, to be the embrace between us

Flame of purity – cleanse us
Flame of beauty – inspire us
Flame of wisdom - guide us
Flame of truth - lead us
Flame of love - encourage us

Reading from First Nations Version - Matthew 6 Lord's prayer:

O Great Spirit, our Father from above,
we honor your name as sacred and holy.

Bring your good road to us,
where the beauty of your ways in the spirit-world above
is reflected in the earth below.

Provide for us day by day -
the elk, the buffalo, and the salmon.
The corn, the squash, and the wild rice.
All the things we need for each day.

Release us from the things we have done wrong,
in the same way we release others for the things done wrong to us.

Guide us away from the things that tempt us to stray from your good road,
and set us free from the evil one and his worthless ways.

Aho! May it be so!

Incense prayers

may god who is charcoal burn us like incense
may god who is match tinder us like driftwood

may god who is lightning strike us like trees
may god who is strobe pierce us like smoke

may god who is headlight sight us like night
may god who is coal warm us like room

may god who is torch search us like cellar
may god who is star guide us like ship

may god who is spark ignite us like petrol
may god who is blowtorch weld us like steel

may god who is taper touch us like candle
may god who is furnace refine us like gold

may god who is iron smooth us like silk
may god who is fire melt us like ice

may god send us out in the power of the spirit
as firestarters in the world

ablaze and yet alive
consumed and not destroyed

to be signs, dangers and comforts
in the name of christ


Big One prayers:


- inspired by a Padraig O'Tuama blessing

In the name of the Creator, and the Redeemer, and of the Companion
In the name of the bee, and the butterfly and the breeze,
In the name of blossom, birdsong and all of the trees
In the name of truth, and all of the beauty surrounds us
In the name of love for our fellow human beings, love for all living things, and love for this beautiful planet that we call home
In the name of all these things
We reject our failure to think of others
We reject ignoring the implications for the global south
We reject careless indifference
We reject maximised profit for the few
But in this gathering dark – we remember the flame of hope
We remember what is possible
We remember love
Therefore, we cry out for Justice.
We cry out in hope, knowing there are possibilities that we cannot yet see
We cry out in love
And Lord – may we always journey with you
In the beautiful name of Jesus

But ask the animals, and they will teach you;
the birds of the air, and they will tell you;
ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you;
and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Who among all these does not know
that the hand of the Lord has done this?

Job 12:7-9

Write a sentence and then we all respond "God's name is Holy'
e.g. Amongst the woods and forests, between oaks and spruce, God’s name is holy.

Conclude with:

Living God,
when we neglect to see the beauty around us, open our eyes.
When we neglect to hear the music around us, open our ears.
When we neglect to feel your presence, awaken our senses.
When we neglect to receive your love, open our hearts.

Living God,
re-inspire us with your Spirit,
so that in us too your name is holy.


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Tea and coffee Planning and envisioning conversation Cooking sweet potatoes on the campfire Toasting marshmallows on the campfire Broom flowers Wild Service tree sapling

Tea, coffee and cake on arrival.

Envisioning session.

Cooking sweet potatoes.

Toasting marshmallows.

Broom flowers.

Wild Service tree sapling. Note the distinctive leaf shape.

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