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April 2020: Easter vigil

Grace Easter Vigil flyer

We could not meet in person due to the COVID-19 lockdown, so we hosted an Easter Vigil online from 10pm to midnight. There were two ways people could join in.

The first was via Zoom.

The second was to follow the hashtag #graceeastervigil2020 on Twitter or Instagram. People could also follow either @grace_london on twitter or @grace_londonw5 on Instagram as another way of doing it if they didn’t want to see anyone else’s posts with that tag.

There were four sections to the vigil – light; readings; renewing baptism vows; communion.

There were a few items to collect in preparation:

  • Two nails and either some twine, or wire to tie them.
  • If you have the facility for a fire in your garden, prepare that to be ready to light, but alternatively get a candle or a torchlight.
  • An object - like a piece of fruit, or take a picture - or find a picture to look which represents creation.
  • A tent peg or something that represents camping, even if you would not be seen dead in a tent.
  • A bible or access to one on your phone.
  • A candle and match.
  • A bowl or glass of water.
  • Bread and wine – we suggested sparkling wine if you had it to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

2020-04 Easter Vigil: Hand washing meditation

2020-04 Easter Vigil: Communion liturgy

Some photos of the event here.

At midnight people were invited to tune in for the after party on Facebook where Steve Leach was DJing live from midnight to 1am with some resurrection tunes -

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