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January 2016: iii

iii flyer

some photos here

part 1

gather – womb like room (ambient music playing as people gather - see below for grace womb playlist)

home – song from other side of screen chris

prayer – jonny:

God who made all things and is beyond our imagining
thank you for the gift of life
the gift of today
the gift of this space

Jesus Christ who came into our world to be with us
thank you for your healing presence
your life
your friendship

Spirit of God who animates us with the resurrection life of God
breathe on us
be in our midst
animate our worship

We’re here
You’re here
May that be enough

though we see dimly
though we know in part
though you are a mystery

we long for you
we look for you
we wait for you

iii – intro to theme with reading about babies in womb - chris

muted sounds track by chris – listening/longing

i hope – chris and harry
invite people to write something they hope for for the year and speak out loud at end of track (and then to take with them for part 2)

[interval – get a glass of wine or drink on way through to other side of space in café - nibbles on table]

part 2

dawn treader reading – harry

iii – explanation re part 2 and intro to balance chris

balance (track featuring line about peaks and troughs) – harry and chris

sine wave exercise:

on table cloths was drawn a sine wave and people were invited to place a night light on the sine wave for where they were in relation to a peak or trough and descending or ascending and discuss round tables. they were then encouraged to see the sine wave in reverse and pick a moment that reflected the opposite. lit night lights to offer lives to god for the year ahead

sweet sound song – chris

i hope i know – chris and harry
rework of track from first half but now with the i know section inviting people at the end to read out their hopes but this time as ‘i know...'

Prayer - jonny
improvised prayer for year ahead

how far grace will go – chris and harry

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