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November 2015: Silent Communion

silent communion flyer

A service to explore worship beyond speech – the service aimed to use no spoken words or music and only minimal written instructions.

Set up:

  • Set up benches in the centre of the church in a closed circle
  • Candlestick and candle in centre.
  • Low lights
  • Used the main church screen to project a single image illustrating each section of the service.
  • Used the main altar on the church platform.


  • As people arrived we invited them into the café for an explanation of the service:
  • Follow the usual Communion format but without spoken words or directions
  • People will be directed to activities around the church
  • There will be silence at several points
  • People should go into the church and at that point there will be silence
  • Everyone is welcome to share in Communion
  • At end feel free to stay in the church or go through to the café.

Gathering – image on screen of a large group of people

  • Open up the central benches
  • Invite people to take a seat in the centre circle of benches
  • Light the large central candle to mark the beginning of the service
  • 3-4 minutes silence

Confession – image on screen bubbles

  • Lead group to high altar
  • On arrival everyone was given an envelope containing an Alka Seltzer tablet. Written on the envelope was 'What do You Want to Confess?'
  • On the high altar set up 4 tall glass jugs and vases with clear water and back lit.
  • Modelled dropping the tablets in the water and invite all to drop their table in the water and watch it dissolve
  • Finished with the sign of absolution

Word - Screen went straight into animation

Intercession image on screen of burning tea lights

  • Set up four tables with black table cloth, laptops and tea lights around the church.
  • Each laptop to have an image reflecting praying for:
    • World – globe, old map of the world, represent people in trouble – migrants, poverty
    • Church – picture of a church
    • People –– café table, family, group of friends.
    • Ourselves – use the camera on the PC to reflect an image of the individual.
  • Lead people from centre to the stations and light a tea light for others to follow.
  • Gave people about 10 minutes to visit
  • To finish shut the lap top lids.
  • Lead people back to the centre


  • Shared the peace.

Consecration –Image of bread and wine

  • Stand in a circle round the altar
  • Dean to lead through the consecration emphasising accompanying gestures.
  • Focus on the bread and wine.
  • Finished with a few moments of silence.


  • Used an old Grace animation of a blessing on screen
  • Used oil to anoint each other with a cross.


  • Animation of lips and voices followed by music.

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