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March 2005: Prophecy

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Basic Questions – do prophets

  • See the future or some possible future? What must be, or what may be.
  • Or are they talking about the present situation?
  • Or both?
  • Discerning God’s perspective on our situation
  1. Words of woe
  2. Words of hope
  3. Words of warning
  4. God’s promises and blessings

Definition from the Oxford Dictionary

A person who speaks for God, a divinely inspired teacher or interpreter of the will of God. An omen, a portent, An innovative, proclaimer visionary leader, advocate of a cause. Visionary leader or representative. A tipster.
  • Speaking to Individuals and groups?
  • Speaking to the nations?
  • Speaking to the whole world?

Do we have prophets today?

  • religious ones
  • secular ones

False prophets – who are they – from prophets of Baal to media pundits today.


People invited to fill in Moya's questionnaire as they come in.

A few prophet quotes – read out perhaps – here is one we prepared earlier. Jackie – or Jenny?

Discussion Groups

with the following topics

  • Who do people think of as a prophet.
  • Which prophets, past and present, religious and secular, have inspired them?
  • Negative attitudes to prophets – what don’t we like about them?
  • Difference between today’s prophets and the Bible


I have a dream – postcards – fill in – Mike to introduce



plus images. Richard, Mark, Adam. Combination of projected images, quotes from Brian Walsh. (Question – why not do this first – rather than as a installation – and then get people to fill in their postcards??

When rabbis read the Torah to the Jews of the Diaspora, recognizing that their congregations did not understand Hebrew, the rabbis would have to translate the text as they read. But their translations were never 'straight' and certainly not literal. Rather, they would update the text, apply it to the changing context and put it into contemporary idiom as they read. The result of such interepretive exercises were called targums. They were, if you will, extended paraphrases on the text.
Brian J Walsh, 'Colossian Targums: Reading Paul in a Postmodern Context'

Song Lyrics

Music of prophetic protest – Rebecca and Mike

Grief and hope

Herbs and brandy snaps – in taste and touch – Jackie

Side Chapel with Candle


I have a dream

Consolidated “I have a dream” speech based on collected postcards as follows:

I have a dream

That nobody will be prevented by 'the system' from doing what is right

I have a dream

That the debts for poor countries will be cancelled and they will no longer be exploited by the rich. That the gap between rich and poor will narrow. That everyone will enjoy clean water, education, healthcare and food as a basic minimum standard of living. That the world will not be run by men in suits.

I have a dream

That one day churches across Europe will embrace their calling to be a catalyst of change in the world, empowered by the Holy Ghost, and bearing the transforming message of the cross of Jesus. That one day the body of Christ in Europe will be overflowing with Christlike Demonstrative Revolutionary love – a love that finds its source in the source of all creation.

I have a dream

Yes to love, no to hate, safety for children, peace on earth, the Lord from heaven, Amen

I have a dream

That there will be no more I

I have a dream

That people not insult each other to make themselves more popular.

I have a dream

That one day the human race will unite.

I have a dream

That everybody’s dream will come true and that money will not be able to get in the way of people dreaming dreams, that people, social class, religion, race, culture anything will not stop people dreaming their dreams. I dream that everyone will be able to enter a never-ending sleep and dream with me.

I have a dream

That God's people would recognise their awesome potential and shape the world around them. That the search for God would be one where love and acceptance are found.

I have a dream

That doors don’t have locks and people can walk the streets safe at night. That people will take care of each other and their families. That marriages flourish and get better and better.

That people will share their wealth so that there won’t be needy people.

I have a dream

That people will really to get to know their creator, the Lord and would experience the full depth of his love for us.

That healings and miracles would multiply and multiply.

That people would live their lives to the fullest abundant life God has called them to.

I have a dream

That one day the people of London will have the time to talk to one another and the grace to listen to one another.

That people will be able to throw off the bonds of capitalism and materialism and embrace a simpler world. That we can be content with what God provides and not strive after the illusion of a 'better' world through genetic manipulation. That all people can be responsible for their own impact on the earth and recognise that even though we are all individuals, if we think and work together in faith we can move mountains.

I have a dream

Of a fatih that seeks the heart, desires and purposes of God above all other things, free from man’s religion, agenda and baggage, a faith that embraces our creativity to know God more, but doesn’t allow our new ideas to dilute the saltiness and holiness of the lives we’re called to lead.

I have a dream

That one day fear and mistrust will be replaced by love and acceptance, when the hearts we have and the truth we hide will be truly dealt with, and we will no longer need to hide ourselves from fear of rejection or to stop the other from gaining an advantage.

I have a dream

I have a dream that there will be no conservatives and liberals, no hostility between High and Low Church, no bickering over women’s ordination or infant baptism, no sneering at those who worship differently or use a different Bible translation or hymnbook, no minister will denounce another from the pulpit and we will finally be a united Church there to have a positive impact on the world. We will be vibrant, passionate, united and relevant.

I have a dream

That all people of the world will honour God, thorugh the way we treat the beautiful planet we inhabit.

That we will understand how to honour God with our hearts and bodies. That love is the answer, that time becomes the universal currency.

I have a dream

Everyone can earn a living wage, there will be no more poverty and hunger.

Everyone will care for the environment, there will be no more greed, waste or cruelty to any living thing, it will be OK to eat chocolate and everyone will be able to get medical help.

I have a dream

That we will stop destroying our planet and live in harmony with the nature God created.

I have a dream

That our people can lose the masks that hide their discontent and accept one another as unique. That God can reclaim his kingdom on earth so that we can be at ease in his church without fear of being cast out.

I have a dream

That people will realise that money, status and power are not the purpose of life. That Christians will know what it means to sacrificially give to others.

I have a dream

That there would be no one on death row, nobody held without charge, no starting people, no abuse. People in prison would be educated and rehabilitated, there would be no more broken homes, everyone would be safe.

I have a dream

That there would be no more hiding and pretending, of a day when everyone would be the person God created them to be.

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