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October 2004: Miracles 1

the first of a series of two services looking at miracles inspired by jeffrey john's talks at greenbelt 04.

order of service:

Call to worship

Couple of songs

Simpson's clip/Life of Brian clip

Discussion of miracles and feedback (people to write miracles they remember on a big sheet so we have a record of them.)

Inspiration for service and summary of Jeffrey John book with clips from GB tape (see below for summaries)
A summary of Jeffrey John's book "The Meaning in the Miracles"
From Jeffrey John - the wedding at Cana
From Jeffrey John - the healing of the paralysed man

Ignatian reading - pool of Bethesda (taken from de mello book)

a)Water into wine
b)Hem to touch
c)Inclusion/exclusion - stories and post-it notes

Need for belief and concluding ritual

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