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May 2004: Resurrection

the order of service:

Appearance vii - christ appears to the disciples. john 20:19-21a [rebecca] (communal)

Appearance i - the discovery of the empty tomb. john 20:1-10 [moya]

Appearance ii - the angel speaks to the women. luke 24:4-8 [jenny]

Appearance iv - christ appears to mary magdalene. john 20:11-18 [anna]

Appearance v - the denial of the resurrection. matthew 28:11-15 [steve]

Appearance viii - christ appears to thomas. john 20:24-29 [mike]

Appearance xii - the revelation to st paul. acts 9:3-9 [jackie]

Appearance xi - the appearance on the mountain. matthew 28:16-20 [mark] (communal)

cafe - steve

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