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November 2001: Waiting

a service for advent. photos here

on arrival:

doorperson to hand out tickets and tell people to go and wait in the waiting area until their number is called [jackie]

waiting room:

the church hall set up as a doctor's waiting room - rows of seats, harsh lighting, old magazines etc

people do questionnaire about the experience of waiting [jackie]
eg what are you waiting for?
do you like waiting?
do you expect god to wait for you? etc

people called in by their number at intervals

main room:

small stations to be done in any order

bible - times when people have waited in bible eg abraham, exiles, 400 yrs between testaments, jesus "my time has not yet come", resurrection, pentecost etc [jonny]

creation - waiting for the children of god - hopeful waiting - plant bulbs [steve]

prayer vigil - for those left behind by society. hopeless waiting - going back to wait with them [mark]

death - waiting to die. looked forward to as well as feared [anna]

swords into ploughshares - taking action instead of waiting for god to act for us [justin]

what would you wait for? - star wars/healthcare/prison/death row/macdonalds/sex [justin]

how long are you prepared to wait? - cards of items, place on timeline [steve]

call waiting - bruce stanley's animation - if we can get it - everyone bring long phone leads

instant gratification station - everyone bring 'instant' things eg foods/drinks [everyone]

advent - waiting for god - deferred gratification [mike]

good things come to those who wait - guiness ad - to be tested for workability [steve]

when people have finished - direct them to cafe space. everyone bring beer/wine and something to eat.

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