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April 2011: Lent 6: Glass

We came with our hands empty and our fists clenched
We opened them to take a piece of bread.
We came with our mouths tasting of the city’s grime
We drank wine... and we waited...
We heard a rumour that said:
"Spirit in your bread
Fire in your wine".

We looked for your grave
You were not there.
We looked into the sky
You were not there.
We look at each other
You are here.
Spirit in your bread, fire in your wine
A wonder set apart, yet received by our lips.

Get up
Go out from this place
Do not be afraid
Stay in the city
Take strength for the journey
Take comfort for your pain
Take inspiration from one another
Take peace and hope into the world
Speak in a language that all will understand
And know that you are loved.

Adapted from Vaux Glass service

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