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Old concepts, fresh expressions

At the front of the church were large cards each representing one of 9 'worlds' (see below). As people arrived they were given an envelope. Inside the envelope were eight cards, each with a word on, and the following instructions:

We use many expressions in various contexts today without always knowing where they come from. So where did they come from initially?

There are 8 words in your envelope and 9 'worlds' described on cards on the floor around the church. Put each word in your envelope onto the 'world' you think it is widely thought to come from.

For example: the word COMPUTER:
Today: associated with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY but formerly from the WORLD of EMPLOYMENT
So the word COMPUTER would go onto the WORLD of EMPLOYMENT card:

Words (and definitions) given in envelopes:

SKYSCRAPER: very tall building
BROADCAST: made public through radio or television
GOSPEL: each of the first four books in the New Testament describing the life of Jesus
SPIN-DOCTOR: person controlling how something is described so as to influence how others think about it
GOSSIP: person who makes idle talk about the personal or private affairs of others
IMP: a mischievous child
DISASTER: a calamitous event
SALARY: an amount of money paid to a person for regular work or services

The 'worlds' they are first thought to come from:

Skyscraper: NAUTICAL
Broadcast, imp: AGRICULTURE
Gospel: MAGIC
Spin-doctor: SPORT
(trick - no words from) MEDICINE
(trick - no words from) FOOD

The intention is to highlight that at some stage these old concepts became 'fresh' e.g. "Wow, have you seen that new building in town? It's as tall as the skyscraper on my sailing boat!"

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