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Heresy! game

Church-related words and phrases were printed as stickers and attached to Jenga blocks. These were built into four towers.

The instructions sheet read:


the church is built from new and old ideas using new and old words. what can you add and remove before it falls down?

Take it in turns to remove a brick.

If you want to keep the word as part of the church, remove the brick and place it on top.

If you don’t want to keep the word, remove the brick and don’t put it back.

If you think of a better word for the same idea, or want to add a totally new word, write it on the sticker paper, cut it out and stick it on a brick. Put the brick on top.

If the church falls down, rebuild it without the words you have rejected.

The words on the blocks:

grace peace prayer teaching mission glory faith passion salvation eucharist community sin worship gift welcome repentance confession mercy growth leadership preaching service praise offering sermon blessing hymns the peace silence bible reading bible study homegroups family service youth service penitence alleluia! almighty cleanse perfect worthy magnify commandment forgive repent eternal life heavenly begotten incarnate crucified death catholic holy holiness prophecy inspiration resurrection baptism sacrament priest minister leader bishop goodness confess authority revelation truth belief promise rejoice wisdom bless justice honour comfort healing hope pardon deliver confirm sacrifice remembrance kingdom duty mystery joy servant power exalted trinity hell heaven purity judgement obedience faithful humble humility chastity gifts of the Spirit evangelism choir songs sacred fellowship orthodoxy doctrine spirituality righteousness conversion journey love testimony celebration discipleship atonement gratitude reign self-denial follower believer witness imagination creativity honesty openness compassion risk tradition innovation hospitality inclusion sharing ritual freedom generosity participation acceptance

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