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Cakes ritual

This is a small ritual to help us think together about what we can do towards the establishment of God’s Promised Land.


Numerous cakes, minimum 8in/200mm diameter or birthday size, with undecorated icing - such as the kind you can buy to decorate yourself. The cake itself can be any sort. Buy or make your own.

Writing icing - it comes in tubes with special nozzles, get several different colours.


Discuss in small groups around each cake what you intend to do to bring about the ‘promised land’ for others. Then write words or draw symbols on the cake with the writing icing to symbolise your intentions. Since there isn’t a lot of room on the cake, and the writing icing isn’t easy to use delicately, your words or symbols will have to be simple - so choose carefully.

Then bring the cakes together so everyone can see. Someone from each group should explain how their symbols and words came about.

Then slice and eat the cakes together as a pledge to do the things symbolised.

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